Nubian pyramids in Sudan

With some disposable income and an adventurous spirit, these days we can go almost anywhere. But where to explore next? What will we experience there? And how do we get at it?

It used to be hard to find out about large parts of the world. Travel agents owned the gateway. Then guide books appeared to help independent travellers, but they are mostly aimed at back-packers eager to cut costs. Now there are so many sites for amateur bloggers, trip advisers and so on that it is hard to know where to start and which to trust.

To cut through all this noise, Broader Horizons aims to offer an authoritative introduction to more adventurous destinations. We are not reckless — we would never suggest going anywhere you might get into danger — but we do want to encourage you to try something further afield and give you some signposts to help your research. We expect you want to travel in style, with the best facilities available. And while we know you are looking for advice, we respect that you also want to create your own trips independently. This website is a starting point.

It is edited by Simon Buckby and put together by experienced travellers with no ties to commercial interests.

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