Here are our latest articles by independent travellers recently returned from adventurous holidays to help inspire you to research where to go next:

Visit the past as well as the future in China’s Guangdong Province

by Simon Buckby | Spring 2024

Vast urban areas of sky-high architecture and smart-city innovation make Guangdong one of the best places to understand what is happening in China today and see what much of the world might look like tomorrow. All this has been built on the foundations of a unique history, so as well as the future you can also visit the past in villages, fortresses and temples dating back thousands of years.

Oman has become Arabia’s hip trip for a reason

by Simon Buckby | Winter 2023

Unlike other countries on the Arabian Peninsula, Oman can feel more like a traditional holiday destination, with easily accessible natural beauty (for driving and hiking in the wadis and mountains, along with dune bashing in the desert), important heritage sites (especially forts and watchtowers), as well as beaches, diving and high-end resorts.

Ethnic culture, natural beauty and the scars of war in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq

by Simon Buckby | Autumn 2023

Come to find unique ethnic culture, stunning mountain ranges, Christian monasteries, freely available alcohol, and – despite its existential fragility – peace and security. Then leave with a greater understanding of the scars of war and the prospect of an independent Kurdish country.

Qatar after the World Cup and beyond its controversial headlines

by Simon Buckby | Autumn 2023

The enduring legacy of the World Cup – both the modernisation and the controversy – spatchcocked onto a quiet conservative Islamic culture, makes for an intriguing retreat. It’s not hard to have a fun long weekend in Doha, but nor would you be struggling for things to do if you stayed for a week or more.

A road trip around the celestial mountain landscape of isolated Kyrgyzstan

by Simon Buckby | Summer 2023

Kyrgyzstan has eighty-eight separate mountain ranges, covering 70% of its 200,000 square kilometres of territory, perfect for a road trip back to nature.

Royalty, Islam, oil, ancient cultures and pristine rainforests in Brunei

by Simon Buckby | Spring 2023

With a couple of days in the capital, a day in the western oil heartland dipping into local Iban culture, an overnight stay in the protected and pristine Ulu Temburong National Park rainforest in the eastern enclave, plus diving in Brunei Bay, you have a busy and rewarding itinerary in this tiny country.

There is more than a Grand Prix in Bahrain

by Simon Buckby | Spring 2023

It is easy to spend a long weekend or more in Bahrain. Manama is a relaxed capital with beach resorts, souq shopping, eating and even drinking. Then the wider archipelago has heritage sites from both an ancient civilisation and the era of the most successful pearling industry in the region.

Macau is Asia’s Vegas with a Portuguese heritage and a Chinese future

by Simon Buckby | Spring 2023

Macau’s primary attractions are its glitzy casino resorts on the Cotai Strip that copy almost exactly those in Las Vegas. In addition, it has an interesting history as a Portuguese colony, and, like neighbouring Hong Kong, a controversial imminent future as part of China’s Greater Bay Area.

Kuwait beyond the Gulf War

by Simon Buckby | Winter 2022

Overshadowed by the Gulf War, Kuwait is little visited. But there are terrific hotels and top notch restaurants, a substantial corniche and a handful of photogenic attractions, plus a lovely old souq and an excellent modern mall. Out in the desert, highlights include the road from Iraq used by Saddam’s troops to invade and retreat, and a day at the camel races.

The natural wonders and human resilience of Uganda

by Simon Buckby | Summer 2022

Mountain gorillas. And chimps. Plus the source of the White Nile, Lake Victoria, white-water rafting, the equatorial line, the world’s most powerful waterfall, the safari Big Five, and numerous rare birds. Along with cool Kampala and pygmy people from the forest.