Here are our latest articles by independent travellers recently returned from adventurous holidays to help inspire you to research where to go next:

The natural wonders and human resilience of Uganda

by Simon Buckby | Summer 2022

Mountain gorillas. And chimps. Plus the source of the White Nile, Lake Victoria, white-water rafting, the equatorial line, the world’s most powerful waterfall, the safari Big Five, and numerous rare birds. Along with cool Kampala and pygmy people from the forest.

Uzbekistan is an easy and fun place to access breath-taking heritage sites in exotic settings

by Simon Buckby | Summer 2022

Crammed with top class heritage sites, as well as loads of fun stuff, such as tasting plov and local wines, enjoying hammams, and getting a bit of Soviet kitsch too. It is all easy to access, making Uzbekistan perfect for ten days of exotica.

A short guide to which Seychelles Inner Islands have the best beaches, jungle trips and sailing, plus a brief history of slavery

by Simon Buckby | Spring 2022

Tips on how to explore the Seychelles’ most visited Inner Islands , including by yacht, to reach the best and most isolated beaches.

Yachts in Hong Kong harbour

‘Fragrant Harbour’: a resident’s guide to falling in love with the unique energy of urban Hong Kong

by Simon Buckby | Autumn 2021

A love letter to Hong Kong from a departing resident with comprehensive tips for visitors and immigrants on how to get the most from this magical city, including all the obvious tourist attractions, but also delving deep into its authentic, hidden and often quirky side that too few people take the trouble to explore.

Mountain trails in Hong Kong

The trails less travelled: the hidden treasures of rural Hong Kong

by Simon Buckby | Autumn 2021

Explore the hidden treasures of rural Hong Kong, including breath-taking hiking trails up steep mountains and along coastal paths, a complete circuit of brand new cycle lanes through ancient villages, and gorgeous islands east and west stuffed with beautiful beaches and authentic local restaurants.

How to do the ultimate road trip, Mexico’s Baja California, in the style it deserves

by Simon Buckby | Summer 2021

Relax into the cactus-filled Baja desert while discovering the border wall in the Pacific Ocean, wine tasting, remote islands, paradise beaches, isolated villages, restored Catholic missions, along with the outrageous beauty of the Sea of Cortez where you can see several species of whales, swim with sea lions, watch constant pelican shows, go big-game fishing and enjoy world class scuba diving.

How to get way beyond the obvious in Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula

by Simon Buckby | Summer 2021

With a little imagination and a bit of effort you can go way beyond Cancún to beat your own path to magical parts of Mexico that offer remote colourful towns and seldom seen Mayan ruins hidden deep in the jungle as well as deserted beaches and exciting scuba dives.

Antigua & Barbuda: Your typical tropical paradise islands

by Simon Buckby | Summer 2021

Paradise beaches, perfect sailing, a low key vibe and a preserved colonial heritage. All the ingredients for really rather a nice time.

The backwaters of Kerala, along with tea and spices, festivals and beaches

by Simon Buckby | Spring 2020

Beautiful backwaters, mountain plantations, wildlife sanctuaries, heritage sites and two world-class beaches make Kerala the chilled alternative to Goa.

Myanmar Days: easy-to-access Buddhist theme-park with beautiful scenery but controversial politics

by Simon Buckby | Winter 2019

Myanmar feels exotic, but it is easy to navigate, with new hotels and transport systems, and locals welcoming to foreigners now we have been invited in.