Here are our latest articles by independent travellers recently returned from adventurous holidays to help inspire you to research where to go next:

The backwaters of Kerala, along with tea and spices, festivals and beaches

by Simon Buckby | Spring 2020

Beautiful backwaters, mountain plantations, wildlife sanctuaries, heritage sites and two world-class beaches make Kerala the chilled alternative to Goa.

Myanmar Days: easy-to-access Buddhist theme-park with beautiful scenery but controversial politics

by Simon Buckby | Winter 2019

Myanmar feels exotic, but it is easy to navigate, with new hotels and transport systems, and locals welcoming to foreigners now we have been invited in.

Back to Pyongyang to experience the Mass Games and witness signs of change

by Simon Buckby | Autumn 2019

Having spent almost two weeks in North Korea in 2016, I came back. To experience the Mass Games of synchronised gymnastics, and to see if anything had changed since I was last here. And I was surprised by some of what I found.

Fiji: the picture-perfect South Pacific paradise

by Simon Buckby | Summer 2019

Fiji can be the most perfect South Pacific destination in Melonesia: calm turquoise oceans gently lapping at the white sandy beaches of remote blissful islands reached by adventurous seaplanes or romantic catamarans. All under a baking sun and with a warm vibe. This is especially true in the spectacular Yasawa chain.

The reef system and turquoise lagoon it creates, plus astonishing beaches and mountains, make New Caledonia one of the most beautiful places on our planet

by Simon Buckby | Summer 2019

New Caledonia is one of the most beautiful countries on earth. Simple as that. Yet often overlooked even by travellers to Melanesia. We found almost no foreign tourists here at all.

Vanuatu: the world’s most accessible active volcano, a renowned wreck dive, and ancient kastom villages

by Simon Buckby | Summer 2019

In Vanuatu you can peer over the lip of an active volcano. There is also an American luxury ocean liner that usually rates in the world’s top five wreck dives. Plus interaction with traditional villagers with ancient customs and a subsistence living.

Solomon Islands: an untainted Pacific Island culture with wreck dives at World War II battle sites

by Simon Buckby | Summer 2019

The Solomon Islands in the South Pacific are usually just passed over on the way to even more glamorous destinations. Yet for the most intrepid visitors, there awaits an authentic culture almost untainted by tourism, along with many Second World War wreck dives.

The turquoise oceans, blue skies and white beaches of your dreams are in Melanesia

by Simon Buckby | Summer 2019

Not many visitors make the effort to explore what is surely everybody’s idea of tropical paradise, with the turquoise Pacific Ocean, blue skies and white beaches.

The roads less travelled in Sri Lanka: the cultural home of the Tamils and the sites of the civil war in the north, plus the quiet golden beaches of the east

by Simon Buckby | Spring 2019

Once the shock of the 2019 bombings has settled, adventure travellers will return to Sri Lanka, where the biggest attractions are along the routes ignored by mass tourism in the years since the end of the civil war: the remote north (the cultural home of the Tamils and the battlefield sites) plus the secluded east (with its quiet golden beaches).

Aruba, Bonaire & Curaçao, the Dutch Antilles’ ABCs: A is for awesome beaches, B is for brilliant shore-diving & C is for colonial colour

by Simon Buckby | Summer 2018

There is brilliant diving on all three islands, especially on Bonaire, there are awesome beaches on Aruba, and in Willemstad on Curaçao there is a colourful old colonial city to explore.