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Aerial view of the Rock Islands in Palau

Diving and sailing around its Rock Islands, Palau is the ultimate Pacific paradise

by Simon Buckby | February, 2018

It’s only fair to warn you that Palau has far more than its fair share of natural wonders, especially the spectacular Rock Islands and world class scuba diving, and there’s a very good chance you will be overwhelmed by their mind-boggling splendour. What’s more, they’re all easily accessible off the south coast of this tiny Micronesian country, once you finally get all the way here.

Boat POV in Palau

A PADI Divemaster course in the Pacific paradise of Palau

by Estelle McCartney | March, 2016

Palau is a scuba diver’s paradise. Unspoiled coral reefs, abundant sharks, mantas and other pelagic life along with countless tropical fish provide a unique underwater experience. On land, the tropical flora and fauna, and the idyllic white-sand beaches of the uninhabited Rock Islands, make it a special – if remote – spot.