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Back to Pyongyang to experience the Mass Games and witness signs of change

by Simon Buckby | October, 2019

Having spent almost two weeks in North Korea in 2016, I came back. To experience the Mass Games of synchronised gymnastics, and to see if anything had changed since I was last here. And I was surprised by some of what I found.

Wide view of the Mansudae Grand Monument in Pyongyang

A guest of the Kims for 12 days in North Korea

by Simon Buckby | September, 2016

Like an onion, the layers of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea are too many and too deep for tourists to see what is really going on, especially in the environment of the strictly policed tour that is required to visit the country as a foreigner. But you can pick at the surface, and you will certainly get to know the country as its officials wish to present it to the world, and this is more than sufficiently fascinating to make the accompanying frustrations worth bearing.