Here are our latest articles by independent travellers recently returned from adventurous holidays to help inspire you to research where to go next:

Volcano Letterbox

Volcano treks & lava caves on the island of Réunion

by David Clutterbuck | Summer 2016

Almost everyone I told I was going to Réunion replied simply: “Where’s that?” In the Indian Ocean, between Madagascar and Mauritius. It has one frequently active volcano and lots of volcanic mountains, which make for spectacular trekking.


No stress: island hopscotching across Cabo Verde

by Angela Cooke | Spring 2016

First timers to Africa will find Cabo Verde a very easy step to take. Sun, sand, world-class surfing, a little bit of culture, a lot of hiking up volcanoes, but with no need for injections and no threat of violence.


A PADI Divemaster course in the Pacific paradise of Palau

by Estelle McCartney | Winter 2015

Palau is a scuba diver’s paradise. Unspoiled coral reefs, abundant sharks, mantas and other pelagic life along with countless tropical fish provide a unique underwater experience. On land, the tropical flora and fauna, and the idyllic white-sand beaches of the uninhabited Rock Islands, make it a special – if remote – spot.

Gaucho Pasca Home

Gauchos, beaches & legalised marijuana: todo tranquilo in Uruguay

by Pasca Lane | Winter 2015

Uruguay boasts 660 kilometres of pristine coastline, unspoilt nature reserves, abundant bird life, countless trekking and horse riding opportunities as well as a vibrant cultural heritage and party scene. It is also a very easy place to explore.


The wonders of Punjab: the Golden Temple & the border ceremony

by Angela Cooke | Winter 2015

Surprisingly few foreign tourists make it to Punjab, the small state on the north-west of India neighbouring Pakistan. But those who do witness two very different treasures – the Golden Temple of Amritsar and the border ceremony at Wagah – that are among the greatest attractions in the world, never mind the sub-continent.


The golden triangle of Delhi, Agra & Rajasthan

by Angela Cooke | Winter 2015

On this classic itinerary you will see all the famous palaces, citadels and monuments, have your senses assaulted from all sides, and come away with so many talking-point experiences that you will feel you have at least an introductory insight into this vast and complex country.


The basics of Cambodia: genocide & temples

by David Clutterbuck | Winter 2015

The lesson of Cambodia is about the remarkable depths of human resilience. A little more than 35 years ago, this was a country in ruins. In a four-year riot of mass murder, the psychopathic Pol Pot and his Khmer Rouge army of peasant-tyrants not only devastated the economy, but destroyed every intellectual asset the country had.

Home Page Letterbox

Another side of Sierra Leone: beaches, rainforests & marathon running

by Molly Hodson | Autumn 2015

Sierra Leone boasts a hidden paradise: palm-fringed, white-sand beaches made famous by a 1980s Bounty advert, and lush mountainous rainforests that lead you to the sea. It’s also the setting for what’s dubbed “the world’s most worthwhile marathon”.


Haiti during tense presidential elections

by Charlotte Proudman | Autumn 2015

It had been nearly two weeks since the Haitians went to the polling stations to pick their favourite presidential candidate among 54 contenders. It was the day before departure and an email from a Haitian tour operator I had contacted landed in my inbox. The email advised me not to travel to Haiti because of threats to security following protests that can turn violent.


Sunsets & spices: eating my way around Kerala

by Tamsin Crimmens | Autumn 2015

Small enough to explore on a two week holiday, yet with a diverse landscape of backwaters, beaches, mountains and tea plantations, Kerala is the perfect destination for India newbies keen on sinking their teeth into the Land of Spices.